Our fees are:

Referencing Fees for up to two tenants:     £250.00 inclusive of VAT
This covers references, credit checks, identity, immigration and visa confirmation.  If we require more than two people to be assessed or a guarantor is required, there is a further £75.00 inclusive of VAT per person.

Preparation of Tenancy Agreement: £125.00 plus VAT

Deposit required is 6 weeks of monthly rental.  Pet Deposit is an additional 2 weeks of monthly rent to the required 6 weeks deposit.

Renewal Fees

If a new Tenancy Agreement is required: £125.00 plus VAT

Termination Fees

Early Release Surrender Agreement:     £150.00 plus VAT
Check-out Fee between  £70.00-£200 (no VAT)
One off fee equivalent to one weeks rent plus VAT
Landlord’s Ingoing tenant Check-in fee between £70-£200 (no VAT)

If a Landlord Reference Fee is required by tenant: £25.00 plus VAT